Kristen & Stephen

Join us in celebrating our marriage

Saturday November 20, 2021

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Our Story

Stephen Caldwell

Stephen was born in New York, but was forged and shaped by Texas.  He was raised as a model plane enthusiast and Jet and Ebony magazine connoisseur.  In college, he started coming out of his shell and began his journey of life and meeting his core group of friends…including his padre, Mike Ewbank.  He currently spends his time raising his little sidekick Moose and spoiling his three nieces.  He is looking forward to sharing his life with Kristen!

Kristen Fisher

Kristen grew up in NC, and has been in Texas since 1993. She is a marketing consultant who spends her free time with her horses, her dogs, and soon her husband! She lives in Corinth (not too far from the barn) and Stephen will move in while we look for ‘our’ house.

Our First Date

June 25, 2018

We met on Match and were lucky enough to find each other without kissing too many frogs! It took a while to set a first date, due to Stephen’s social schedule and Kristen’s work travel – but it finally happened. We can tell you the entire story in person, but suffice it to say Stephen was pretty sure he was getting ditched – but SHE CAME BACK!

Our Marriage Proposal

December 31, 2020

Kristen was still unpacking clothes, dogs, and ‘stuff’ in preparation for Mike’s New Year’s Eve gathering, when Stephen called her into the bedroom and asked if she would be his wife. Kristen said, ‘Yes, of course babe – now what did you want?’ as he is pointing at the ring on the dresser.  Yes, she totally whiffed that – but SHE SAID YES!

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Kristen: 214-284-7094

Stephen: 214-923-6899